Being the hardest, rarest and most beautiful stone on earth makes diamond a symbol of prestige and love. Its making story through a miracle of time, place and evolution has established its specific qualities that make each diamond unique hence valuable. It is well-appreciated by men and moreover, cherished by women. Clarté, a diamond jeweller in Bandung, Indonesia opened their gallery where the guests can enjoy not only the divine diamonds but dwell in its stylish space arrangements.

Designed by DNV Studio, the interior is inspired by the craftsmanship of the diamond where the cut, clarity, colour and carat weight be the priorities. The exceptional reflection of a diamond is expressed through the double-glass lighting façade and reflected on the mosaic mirrors on the walls, which were entirely made of crystal clear glass. The quadrilateral-shape of diamond is decoded into the logo, patterned panels, interior details and further to the form of the furniture and hanging lamps. All these are gathered to evoke a balanced precision, just like the diamonds.

The gallery has a U-shaped plan thus the guest can mingle around to see the products while the sales assistants can easily access the other showcase when needed. The showcases that are located at the centre of the store is built like tables, so the guest can see the products while sitting or standing. There is also a semi-private desk at the wing of the store where the guest can have a private consultation with Clarté’s diamond experts.

While having expensive gems inside, the gallery is designed to be practical as it is targeting career and productive women. Clarté refrains from having doors so any women can enjoy the luxurious features they provide inside, in which the guests can feel as beautiful, exceptional and cherished as the diamond they hold.

Writer @esther.febriana

Interior Designer @dnv.design @esther.febriana @sellacahyadi @krisninditya

Photographer @mariowibowo_ @ap_nih

Contractor Collaborate with @inspace_studio

Tiles @titaniumgranite

Location: Clarte @clartejewellery, Transmart Trans Studio Mal, Bandung

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