Kampoong In House


Mass and plan Concept – Knowing that the client once lives in a high-density urban kampoong (village), we offer the client to have the same experiences in their new house. This house is inspired by the order of urban kampoong and the needs of green space which also be their interest. The client’s experiences of living in an urban kampoong combined with the interest of green space have become our main idea for the design. We translate those issues into mass and plan design that fragmented the interior and exterior.

The Material – PVC that usually use for roof is now used for façade because it made as a material that can face the sun and rain. We also use the exposed brick for the façade, it has various arrangement that has some gaps for air circulation. As we have known, the exposed brick can be more pretty stunning and natural in a tropical climate. That is how this house respond to the tropical climate to reduce periodically maintenance.

Each mass is separated by void and green space, in the same time can increase microclimate with lightwell and pass air ventilation in this house. That strategy also increases social interaction between the residents from each room without interrupt any privacies. The corridor that connect every bedroom not only use for pathway but can also support the resident to make social interaction as how they live in urban kampoong.

The first impression of this house is on the entrance area that represents the experience in urban kampoong as if messy various texture of material, skylight, green area and the wind that blows. From this area, we can see that the green area across is framed by an open plan main room. The Main room is side to side with green space at the stairs area and connecting corridor. Basically, the public area in this house is a shady outdoor space. Greens area are also applied to an exterior design by using some planter box façade at the front and back that is part of the bedroom.

The client wants to have a big backyard for some family activities with the natural environment and we actualize it by a green area that framed by the main room. The needs of a big backyard make the placing of the mass focusing at the center. With only one mass that was fragmented can be a solution for lighting and air circulation to every room, also can represent an urban kampong in house.

Text by Ismail Solehudin
Architect @ismailsolehudinarchitecture
Photographs @mariowibowo_
Architect In Charge: Ismail Solehudin
Clients @aquino_krishadi @elquinohouse
Engineering:Ismail Solehudin, Tatang Sumpena, Hendi Suwandi
Landscape @aquino_krishadi
Location: Cimahi, Indonesia
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