The Kois Living is a boarding house designed by RUANGRONA to fulfill the needs of a temporary settlement and rental office. Situated close to the universities in the northern Bandung area, The Kois Living was built in a boarding house area. The Kois Living is designed to answer urban issues faced by everyone today, space optimization.

Built on a site that previously served as a home to kois, The Kois Living consisted of 3 residential floors and a basement that serves as a spacious parking area for residents. It has 21 standard sized bedrooms with en suite bathrooms suitable for students and employees and 4 larger units, perfect for young couples to live in. There is respectively a rental office on the second and third floors. An open communal space is located on the ground floor of the building, where residents can interact and socialize with each other, without disturbing the comfort of other residents.

Designed to meet the need for a comfortable and healthy living place, each bedroom comes with a balcony, so each room get access to daylight and fresh air. As a respond to the tropical climate, the design used roster bricks on several sides of the walls and custom latticed steel panels so that the air can circulate properly in the building. Even with a limited budget, a modern style with good lighting design can bring a luxurious and spacious impression to the interior.

Text by Ruang RonaArchitects @ruangrona
Architect in Charge: Josephine Fitria  dan Monika Tiaradewi
Design Team: Amalia Dian Utami, Ghusni Fauzan
Clients: Calvin Kent & Family
Engineering And Construction: Andreas Martin / Gudhome
Photographer: KIE
Location Bandung

Art Stone

Seni batu Suiseki adalah bongkahan batu alam yang menyerupai bentuk tertentu seperti bentuk manusia, binatang atau benda-benda tertentu lainnya. Namun seni dari batu yang lain,

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