Vinyasa House is an earthy, warm home for an urban family that is rooted in a holistic connection to nature. The house is a true escapist from the bustling city of Jakarta, forming an eco-conscious sanctuary, innately relaxing and healing for a better living. The south-facing façade is potentially maximized by having a living area faces towards the east, bringing enormous positive energy from the east sun, and bigger peripheral view to the east side with lush scenery. This project was completed in 2020 on gross built area 162 sqm.

The term vinyasa, where it commonly used in yoga has been taken and embodied into space, creating a flowing and coordinated circulation while allowing the house and the occupants to breath freely, as the source of our life energy through the inside-outside relationship. The space cultivates awareness for a life- work balance, having the house programmed in a modest way, compact living for greater productivity. Bringing the seaside tropical villas atmosphere, the house hosts for the escapists who need a relaxing, healing, tranquil, and earthy space, as well as catering the occupants’ pastime such as cooking, reading, crafting, home exercise, pilates and yoga. While the compact space allows for time-saving, it also allows for cleaner space and lower maintenance, resulting in both physical and mental clutter for long-term occupancy.

The house was initially designed about a year ago, that it surprisingly seamlessly fulfils the need of the new normal where working, socializing, leisure, hobby, and exercise activities are much done from the home. The main mass of Vinyasa House facing towards the east, blocking the harsh west sun to keep the space using a minimum addition of air conditioner. The house is filled with cross ventilation on each side of the house, and additionally having a verandah that creates a connection to the backyard from both the ground floor and the upper floor. The garage is connectedly designed as one-wholeness with the main building, catering functional purpose without additional mass that is disconnected to the whole building. The touch of dark shade timbers resembles an atmosphere of tropical villas in Bali that create a soothing luxury atmosphere in a humble way. 

Writer @yanuarpf
Architect @aaksenstudio
Lead Architect: @yanuarpf 
Design Team @geasentanu @adartaman 
Website: aaksenstudio.com 
Photo credits @adartaman
Project location: Jakarta

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